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I try to cultivate a sense of melancholy, of isolation and introspection in my work.  There are beings of a rich internal life, which comes at the expense of connection to the outer world, and there are unwelcoming locations that nonetheless ask to be explored.  Most of my subjects are unique, and do not belong to any species; others are one of many, and lost in the mass.  All exist against a background of half-seen images, half-remembered places, and half-processed thoughts.

While I do explore sometimes, I generally use the same process.  I start with a hard board or object, and collect scraps of paper, plastic, and sometimes metal, to make a collage on the surface.  Next, I dust the surface with a mix of black, brown, and sky blue spray paint to give it a deep and even but subtly lively tone, which still reveals the fragmented text and images underneath.  Then I draw with white and light gray wax color pencils, using a light touch that gives me control of how it builds up.

My hope is to communicate a mood and a state of mind to the viewer.  It isn't all doom and gloom, though some of it may seem that way (and, well, some definitely is).  My inspirations are nature, fictional creatures from the media and mythology, surrealist art, fantasy and science fiction, video games, and music of just about every genre.